More than starting a business, entrepreneurship is a state of mind and a way of life. It’s refusing to accept the status quo. It’s seeing opportunities everywhere you look. It’s creating something from nothing. In a rapidly changing world, there’s a growing movement underway to live better, work better, and do better, and it’s fueled by entrepreneurs like you.

“Fun, interactive, and informative.”

“Matching information to the thirst for that information is a winning combination. Being in a group of people eager for the same information makes the sessions dynamic, exciting, and adds a dimension of community building that conventional courses rarely achieve.”


Unlock the innovation mindset in our startup workshops and courses. Our interactive classes and events are open to anyone who wants to learn the essentials of innovation and entrepreneurship in an inclusive and fun environment.


Perks and deals typically only available as part of investment programs are now accessible for all. Gain access to one-of-a-kind resources, expertise, tools, and discounts from the top service providers, from cloud credits to CRM software for tracking clients and sales.


Join a growing community of changemakers, innovators, and leaders, who come together to refine ideas, build technologies, and launch startups. Hailing from all sectors and every walk of life, XLR8HI members aren’t just a network, we’re an ʻohana.

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