Our Mission

To elevate and empower Hawaiʻi entrepreneurs at all stages of ideation and growth by fostering a culture of innovation and inclusion within Hawaiʻi’s startup community. More than an organization, XLR8HI is a community movement that brings together people, opportunities, and ideas to drive entrepreneurship and innovation forward.

What We Do

Over the years, XLR8HI has helped Hawaiʻi residents gain the skills and connections they need to achieve business success in a fun and inclusive environment. Our interactive workshops are designed to accelerate your entrepreneurial mindset, while our community events connect you with fellow entrepreneurs and bring you thought-provoking insights from a lineup of innovation experts.

Unlock the innovation mindset. More than starting a business, entrepreneurship is a state of mind AND a way of life. Our interactive courses and events are open to anyone who wants to learn the essentials of innovation and entrepreneurship in an inclusive and fun environment.
Our in-house team and network complement the learnings from our educational resources. Learn from founders, investors, and industry professionals as they share with you ways to tackle the most common growth challenges and how to take your idea to the next level.
Get access to one-of-a-kind resources, expertise, tools, and discounts from the top service providers. Perks and deals typically only available as part of investment programs are now accessible for all.
Join our growing community of individuals daring to try to design the future. Your future. Our future. In a rapidly changing world, there’s a growing movement underway to live better, work better, and do better, and it’s fueled by entrepreneurs like you. Help build Hawaii’s entrepreneurship community. Join today.

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