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Get It Done! Turn Your Business Tasks Into Reality

March 23, 2020 @ 8:00 am - 9:00 am

Get It Done! Turn Your Business Tasks Into Reality

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Are you a small business owner, freelancers, startup, or a person starting your own business? Are you currently avoiding tasks that you need to accomplish despite knowing it might slow down your business or event cause losses?

Those tasks can be, but are not limited to:

  1. Meet with a potential partner
  2. Hire a key employee
  3. Start an advertising campaign
  4. Order new services or products
  5. Pay taxes, etc.

And even knowing that each of your tasks has a deadline or should be done as soon as possible, you delay starting or finishing them because something else distracts your attention. Days, weeks, months pass by, but you still stuck on the same level, significantly delaying the growth and success of your business. It’s hard to run the business on your own. However, there is a simple, nevertheless an effective solution. I host an accountability group, where each participant shares their weekly goals with other members. In seven days we meet again, each member reports back on their progress and set new tasks for the upcoming week.

You must attend because:

1. Participation helps you to set SMART tasks – if your goal sounds unreal or too simple, your group will notify you.

2. Announcing your tasks publicly creates social pressure – this generates additional internal motivation to finish your tasks before the next meeting.

3. Other members can provide you help when you need it – participants can help each other with to accomplish tasks

4. Your number of completed tasks will increase drastically – statistic shows that accountability group increases the amount of completed tasks on average by 69%.

5. Consistent participation is an excellent networking opportunity – other participants will learn more about your business.

6. Event one attendance will dramatically improve your “task setting” skill – learn from other participants how properly set up SMART tasks

7. Being a member of a group helps you finish your tasks on time – you will be charged by group support and the positive results of others.

Take action now and join our event, start a new year sharp, blow away your 2020 resolutions in the first couple of months. Meet a group of same-minded people who have a desire to stop procrastinating and take their business to the next level. Set more tasks and reach more goals than you ever did before. Meet new people, charge them with your energy, and get charged by the success of others.

Register for the event now.

  • SMART = Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time-based
  • First three sessions are free
  • To participate, you must sign up on Eventbrite before coming using this link

Accountability Group: Report on fulfilled tasks and Set SMART business tasks for the next week. Get It Done! Turn Your Business Tasks Into Reality. 



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