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Japan Hawaii Connect Pitch Project

June 18, 2020 @ 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Japan Hawaii Connect Pitch Project

Japan Hawaii Connect Pitch Project

Learn about how Japanese startups deal with the pandemic or preparing post-corona- generation in Japan and how we can apply them in Hawaii

About this Event

All of the world is facing a challenging time due to the COVID-19’s pandemic. Especially for Hawaii, the impact of the pandemic is more significant than in other states due to the unique structure of the economy, which relies on the tourism industry, has an isolated geography, and has a strong influence from Asian culture. Hawaii needs innovative ideas to survive this situation and leverage these experiences for the post corona generations in order to gain a big picture of what is the “new normal” in Hawaii. Although a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs are seeking new opportunities and innovation, it is very hard to come up with the “new normal” only inside our islands. Our pitch event will help local entrepreneurs and businesses to think from different perspective by introducing Japanese startups / entrepreneurs ideas and how they handle corona/post corona economy. This event will also help entrepreneurs and businesses to seek possible partnerships with Japanese entrepreneurs to benefit from their technology and knowledge to overcome our common challenge.

Focused industries of selected startups

Tourism ・Supporting Tourism tech/Medical・Health Tech/Ag・Food Tech/ Production ・Manufacture Tech

We will also select other Japanese startups besides these focused industries, which can be helpful for Hawaii’s community.

Event Schedule (Schedule may be changed slightly without notice)

  • Opening
  • 7-9 Japanese startups’ pitch and Q&A with questions from representative questioners.
  • Closing

Japanese Startups (The order of the pitches will be determined at a later date. )

  • ad-dice ( COVID-19-ResQ ) : Advanced AI/Data platform for medical workers to confront COVID-19.
  • Bespoke : Emergency communication using multilingual AI chatbot.
  • Fermenstation Co., Ltd. : manufacturing alcohol from agricultural waste.
  • Frich : Community-based crowd funding service.
  • PlantX : Innovated plants factory for sustainable food/agriculture.
  • Stroly : Online platform for illustrated maps linked with location information.
  • SUSTAINABLE ENERGY DEVELOPMENT INC. : Offering solutions for the construction of distributed self-sustaining energy systems, using mainly municipal waste.
  • VACAN : AI✖️IoT Technology, which can visualize social distancing in the facility.

Hawaii Panel Representative : Panel representative will ask questions to Japanese startups to help local audiences to understand J-startups business from Hawaii’s local perspective.

See Panel’s bios.

How to register this event.

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Please feel contact to us, contact@majiconnection.com, if you have any questions.