Hack your startup’s success and discover channels and methods to acquire customers for life.





ABCs of Sales & Marketing

You are always one click away from being adored or ignored. How you go about finding, attracting, and keeping customers can be the defining factor that makes or breaks your business. Learn how to hack your startup’s success and discover the channels and methods to acquire customers at XLR8HI’s ABC’s of Sales & Marketing Workshop, presented by LookFar Labs.

Meet the instructor

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Lindsay Fox

Lindsay is the Vice President of Sales & Brand Strategy at LookFar Labs, a New Orleans based software development studio that partners with startups at every stage of their lifecycle to help accelerate their success with building and launching digital products. Lindsay specializing in building & growing LookFar's brand through digital marketing, sponsorships, the Ada Lovelace Awards, and the Southern Startup Report. Her focus is on developing lead generation strategies with marketing teams to keep sales funnels active, while nurturing prospects from first touch through becoming a partner. From go-to-market consulting to partnership generation, Lindsay knows how to leverage brand power and marketing channels to accelerate business success.