Learn The Rules of Engagement

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Perfect for anyone interested in growing their audience and increasing their online traffic, this workshop teaches you how to increase digital engagement in any industry, all while getting more bang for your marketing buck. With an estimated 3.2 billion active social media users worldwide, businesses can’t afford to miss out on opportunities to engage with customers in the digital world. Learn how to leverage the power of digital media by selecting the right marketing strategy for your business, discovering new ways to reach customers, and gaining actionable insights from analyzing your results.

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Find That Digital Sweet Spot

Discover the new world of data-driven online advertising and learn about the different methods at your fingertips. Learn about the costs associated with reaching new customers, and find out if you’re spending the right amount on advertising in the right channels. Before you launch your campaign, discover how to formulate the optimal customer profile for your business. We’ll start by learning how to identify your target audience and mapping out where to find them.

Rise Up the Ranks

The most cost-effective form of online marketing (ie FREE.99), Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the practice of strategically positioning your website and messaging to rise up the ranks of the search engine algorithms. Learn how to organically increase the traffic to your website or profile without shelling out the big bucks for high priced search engine advertisements.

Boost Your Social Game

With a growing number of users worldwide, social media has quickly become the digital marketer’s favorite way to reach customers. Learn how to optimize your social media strategy, create a splashy content calendar, and maximize your results across today’s most popular platforms. Finally, learn how to use data to analyze results and drive future decisions.


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“Matching information to the thirst for that information is a winning combination.  Being in a group of people eager for the same information makes the sessions dynamic, exciting, and adds a dimension of community building that conventional courses rarely achieve.”