Financials & Funding

learn how to keep your finances in check + gain capital


This course will help you understand crucial numbers that can make or break your business. Many entrepreneurs make the fundamental mistake of not paying attention to these numbers until it’s too late. Being able to analyze profits and costs, decipher financial statements, and fairly evaluate your company is a must for every entrepreneur at any stage. Knowing your numbers will not only add to your credibility but also significantly increase your chances of securing capital for your business. Learn how to extract meaningful insights from your company’s financials and use it to your advantage.


Understand the drivers of your startup’s growth and profitability and how investors will evaluate your business / revenue model.

How to evaluate your income statement, balance sheet, and cash flows to make strategic business decisions.

Learn how to estimate the valuation of your company at various stages of the startup lifecycle, from idea to your first fundraising round to selling your venture.

Approximately 1% of startups receive venture financing. We’ll cover why this is the case and what investors are looking for to optimize your chances for startup success.

Past Instructors

Peter Rowan

Executive Director,  Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship Peter Rowan was Corporate Vice President, New Ventures at Coinstar from 2001-2010. During

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