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Nearly 38% of jobs in the US could be at risk due to automation and artificial intelligence in the next 15 years. Get a jumpstart on your innovation education by registering for one of XLR8HI’s Lean Bootcamps. In this workshop, you will learn how to take an innovative approach to launching a new product or business. Discover how to speed up the design process, analyze the market, and master the step-by-step techniques to rapidly and efficiently gain traction for your product or service.  Hack the innovation process and excite your inner entrepreneur!


Be the solution the market is looking for. Speed up your design process by using counterintuitive thinking strategies used by the most successful startups and corporations in the world.

Get your product out to the market before you waste valuable time and moeny developing a product that nobody wants. Learn the best ways to analyze the market during every step of the startup journey.

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“Being a business owner with experience in a franchise business, I didn’t realize how much more there is to successfully launching a true startup from scratch. I am impressed and energized by what I have learned in this class.”