Whether you’re seeking outside investment, preparing for a demo day, or searching for a co-founder, you’ll need to craft a presentation that excites your audience.




Course Content

build your base

Every slide has a purpose, and there’s a formula for success. Regardless of your audience, every great pitch deck will have a set of fundamental slides that can be used for any presentation.

Bait your hook

They say all marketers tell stories, and every presentation is a unique story. Telling a captivating story is crucial to keeping your audience hooked and interested.

investor touch points

Once you start fundraising, your pitch needs to hit all the right investor touch points. Angel Investors and Venture Capital firms hear hundreds of pitches. If your deck doesn’t hit these key points, you might not even make it into the room.

captivate an audience

Apply what you’ve learned and practice your pitch in front of a live audience to get constructive feedback on your performance.

Meet the instructor

Mr. Omar Sultan Hawaii Startups

Omar Sultan

Omar is an investor, mentor, and community builder who believes innovation is key to shaping the world’s future for the better. Dedicated to empowering innovators, Omar is the co-founder and managing partner of Sultan Ventures and its award-winning XLR8UH program, ranked as one of the top 30 accelerators in the US. Since 2009, Sultan Ventures has driven innovation forward by providing onramps to entrepreneurship and championing visionary entrepreneurs who are improving the way we live and work.