Virtual Investment Readiness Program


The XLR8HI preX program is a FREE, virtual 4-week investment readiness and training program arming Hawaii entrepreneurs with critical knowledge, tools, and guidance for business success. The program, backed by Hawaii Technology Development Corporation (HTDC) and Sultan Ventures, is designed for Hawai’i founders, startups, small-business owners, entrepreneurs, and side-gig workers looking for training and mentorship to evaluate an idea, launch a new company, or grow their existing business. Whether you’re looking to raise capital, gain traction, scale your business or apply to an accelerator / incubator program, the preX program is for you.

During this program, you will have an opportunity to:

  • Refine your business model with direct feedback from accelerators, investors, experts and mentors.
  • Craft a compelling pitch to attract initial customers, investors and partners;
  • Create connections with local investment programs and other potential funders;
  • Prepare for the investor due diligence process with bonus insider tips and tricks;
  • Get customer and investor ready by identifying key priorities and action items to advance your business over the next 3-12 months.

WHY preX

After reviewing the current innovation landscape we saw a large need in the community: Help for companies, small biz, and entrepreneurs who want to go from ‘I have an idea’ to X but don’t know how to get there – where X can be launching a business, obtaining capital from funders, rapidly growing customers, or getting into accelerator programs, etc. preX is a springboard for those who want to get to the next step, and it’s specifically why we built the program for Hawaii’s entrepreneurs and businesses. 

The team behind preX has over a decade of experience working with and investing in Hawai’i’ entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses. We’ve created novel investment mechanisms to fund their growth. We’re also the only firm investing 100% local dollars into local businesses and entrepreneurs. Our past work has been recognized nationally over half a dozen times through the SBA, EDA, and even featured in Forbes.



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Negative. We’re practicing #physicaldistancing but #socialconnection during the pilot program and while #stayinghome.

Zip. Nada. Nothing. The pilot program is completely free. No fees. No equity. Only your time and commitment. 🙂

No funding will be provided for this pilot program.

4 weeks

Nope. We’re sector agnostic, which just means it doesn’t matter if you’re focused on an energy solution, consumer packaged goods, healthcare, hardware, ag-tech, etc. You get the idea.

Contact us at aloha [at] xlr8hi [dot] com!