About the Workshop

Like structures, every business must be built on solid foundations. Businesses lacking these crucial foundations are likely to collapse. Begin by learning how to choose the right entity structure for your company. Learn how to brand your offering and communicate it to the world. Learn how to keep accurate accounting records and produce or review financial documents. Learn how to export your products. Learn how to recruit and maintain an effective and happy team.

Course Content

Entity Formation

Registering your business with the state comes with both benefits and responsibilities. There are a variety of business entity forms to choose from. The most popular entity forms are corporations and limited liability companies. Each entity form comes with its own set of rules and benefits. Learn how to manage your business within the rules for each entity form.

Messaging and Branding

Learn how to identify customer segments and effectively communicate your offering. Your product or service is useless without distribution channels that excite and entice customers. The message is: there is no medium.


Business owners are ultimately responsible for the financial statements they produce. Even if you’re using an account, you should understand the content and procedure of your financial documents.

Exporting Products & Services

Hawaii has an advantage over continental states for exporting to Asia. Learn how to prepare your products for exporting. Navigate the cultural and legal norms of other countries.

Course Date


4 Weeks

5:45pm – 8:00pm

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